Volume 7: Connections

"Landover" features the Washington Redskins Marching Band. Instrumental recording engineered by Ken Barnum at FedEx Field using four Neumann U87's courtesy Bias Studios. Vocals recorded and all tracks mixed at An Undisclosed Location. Thanks to my singing MetroFriends: Terry Boes, Derek Evry, Rachel Levitin, MaryJo Mattea, Seth Spalding, and Ian Taronji. Thanks to Micah Meckstroth (sousaphone) and the Redskins band, management, and personnel for being so kind and participating in this project.

"Tyson's Corner" features members of Skin Folds Five: Kevin de Souza on bass guitar, Derek Evry on backing vocals, and Pat Frank on drums. Grand piano recording engineered by Ken Barnum at Bias Studios, Alexandria, VA. All else recorded at An Undisclosed Location. Mixed by Ken Barnum at Bias Studios.

"McLean" Kryptos is a sculpture at CIA headquarters, steeped in mystery. Dan McNabb, fellow Rickenbacker aficionado, brought his 1960's Rickenbacker 360/12 FG over to record some trippy licks on this one, including the killer solo at the end.

"Suitland" Ms. Fridrich plays the piano as we conjure up some Bruce Hornsby vibes here in Virginia. We think about the IRS center down in Suitland, and are reminded that not all tax funds get wasted - a lot of good is done with those dollars. It's too easy to forget that sometimes.

"Anacostia" Frederick Douglass bought a house in DC he called Cedar Hill. Karlin McNeill proudly wrote and performed the narration you hear on this one, inspired by this great man's achievements. Once, a young African-American asked Frederick Douglass for advice. He replied, "Agitate! Agitate! Agitate!" and those words still ring true today.

"Ballpark" Go Nats! Big thanks to the Beanstalk Library and to Rachel Levitin for helping out with this recording.

"Naylor Road" The 1980's. Roller skating. Power ballads.

"Greensboro" There is a really interesting story behind this one... but you have to meet me for dinner in a strip mall to hear about it.

"Southern Avenue" is down. Are you?

"White Flint" I used a bunch of vintage synthesizers to tell the nasty story behind the seemingly senseless destruction of a perfectly good shopping mall.

"Forest Glen" is near the Meditation Museum. I encourage you to visit for one of their introductory classes on a Saturday morning.

"Congress Heights" - Part I: featuring Matthew James Scott on the ukulele. Had to throw some yacht rock in here somewhere. It's great when you need an escape. And who longs for a getaway more than someone locked away in a miserable place like St. Elizabeth's Hospital in the 1970's? Karlyn Barker found out, and wrote about it in the Washington Post. Part II: As a huge Genesis fan, and member of Genesis tribute Selling Fairfax By The Pound, I was over the moon to have the guys join me for a 70's-style, prog-rock overture celebrating the many musical themes from this entire album. Almost all the melodies have been completely rearranged. See if you can spot them! Enjoy! Thanks for listening everybody. -JM